Top 5 Reasons to get Acupuncture NOW

With autumn in full gear it’s time to enjoy the season and take it all in….all except for maybe the colds and flus. Preparing your mind and body for change can be assisted with some solid acupuncture treatments. If that’s not reason enough, here are a few other reasons that might inspire you: 1. Preventative care is the best kind of care Working against an illness or health issue is always more challenging than doing the small steps that help you stay healthy most days. Adding a little acupuncture and moxa to your routine will only make your body more efficient and strong to protect you through the transition of the seasons. 2. Compounding issues If you already have some minor or major health issues, you know that everything feels … Read More

Summer, music and Acupuncture Oh my!!

Well the summer solstice has come and gone and technically summer is here in Portland, even if the weather doesn’t seem to really be on board yet. With it my mind turns to the joys of being in the Pacific Northwest amongst all of the amazing events and music festivals like Pickathon!! Check out the event here: Pickathon is coming upon its 15th year this August 2013 and will again bring with it amazing live music within an intimate natural setting, combined with eco-friendly and sustainable festival practices. This year is even more exciting as I am proud to announce that we will be offering group Acupuncture to festival participants! What better way to relax and rejuvenate after dancing your heart out than with some festival group acupuncture??!! Here’s … Read More

Goodie Foodie

Warm food for cold days :-) Being in Wisconsin in the middle of winter makes you take a second look at those vegetables that can handle such conditions, mainly our lovely friends the ‘root vegetables.’ Since arriving here I have been encouraging my newly retired parents to recognize that they have one luxury that many people do not: time. With this extra time, they are free to take on projects, plan out their days and most importantly, take more time than they could in their busy working lives to create and invest in their food. To go along with this suggestion, I myself went a venturing to seek out some exciting new recipes (at least to me :-) to share and have them, as well as my readers enjoy. Here … Read More

Need for change

During my time in Stone Town on the beautiful island of Zanzibar, I feel I was able to gain a true understanding of the life native Zanzibari people have come to accept and endure. Most of the challenges have arisen due to corrupt and misguided government officials. Based on my experience living in the city as well as having many a conversation with various locals, I have come to realize that there are 3 primary needs that are not being provided to the local people: clean water, trash collection and disposal and a fully functional hospital. There is a fresh water reservoir below the center of Stone Town and most of it’s residents pull their daily water from it. The water is from a visual standpoint ‘clean’ however it must … Read More


So I have several weeks of back-blogging due to lack of wi-fi or internet access, loss of electricity and traveling. I hope to draw intrigue rather than annoyance with my wave of posts but I hope that they provide a better understanding of what I experienced as well as something semi-interesting to read :-) Mirrors Well it’s been almost 4 weeks and I can safely say that I have been on something like a rollercoaster. Coming to Zanzibar was such an enchanting experience…..everything felt so magical and new to me. The trash and seedy corners seemingly didn’t exist and the people were all friendly and kind. The food was exotic and the sun always shining. That is what Zanzibar may have once actually been like yet the longer you stay, … Read More

This Zanzibarian Life

So the following post was written on Sunday but since electricity, internet connections and general life not going the way you plan, I am only now able to post it. Again sorry for the lack of pictures…..wish that camera cable had made it into my bag. Enjoy ;-) —————————————————- I want to share my last 24 hours to better familiarize yourself with my experience here in Zanzibar. After jerryrigging my mosquito net to hopefully keep those nasty buggers out last night, I tried to sleep in the consuming heat and humidity. You can sleep with the fan on above you and wake up with an odd chill or sleep drenched in your own sweat without. Honestly it’s a tough call but I tend to go without. So last night was … Read More

First Week of Clinic in Zanzibar

Well it’s been a real trip. It seems crazy that I arrived in Zanzibar just 6 days ago.  I feel as though I have been here for at least a month as there are so many things to see, learn and experience. My flight was probably the hardest part.  After traveling for over 2 days I arrived in Zanzibar to have about 30 mins to clean up and rest before I was on a walking tour to orient myself to the city, the hospital and what life in Zanzibar is like.  Right off the bat I realized how the two worlds of Zanzibar co-exist but rarely intertwine. There are a ridiculous amount of poor people here and they are often selling food and goods to get by and will try … Read More

19,100 Needles!!

Wow!  It really does pay off if you ask for what you need :-) Not only have I grown closer to my original donation goal of $1500.00, I have also obtained enough needles and supplies to benefit the Mnazi Mmoja hospital for much of 2012 :-) I contacted local and national Acupuncture supply companies over the last few months asking for them to donate needles and any other clinic supplies they were able to give and got an amazing response.  In total I received 19,100 needles, 2 boxes of moxa poles, moxa for warm needle, cotton balls, and close to 35 bottle of chinese herbal formulas!!!! Thank you again to the staff at People’s Herbs in Clakamas, OR as well as the staff at Lhasa OMS in Massachusetts for donating … Read More

The Next Phase

Well it seems as though it’s done. Friday I joined my classmates and walked across the stage in the Newmark theater and moved onto what seems to be the Next Phase. The graduation ceremony was full of meaningful words about change, transition and how we all have endured some amazing twists and turns, especially in the last year, to come out where we are now.  To aid in our acceptance of change and transition, we even had our very own, bonafide fire alarm mid ceremony which was thankfully not a true threat but still an ever present reminder that we need to be flexible and flow with this Water Dragon year in Chinese astrology.  My friend Kelly pointed out that we got to take a much needed “Chinese fire drill” … Read More

The Giving Tree

It’s been officially 17 days since I started my blog and began this visual representation of my transition from life as a graduate student toward a life focused on service, healing and giving back. I am completely overjoyed and excited at the number of amazing conversations, amount of encouragement as well as the generous donations that have taken place since my original post on 8/12/12.  So far people have generously donated almost $500!! I am so grateful to all of you!  I will be sending out ‘thank you’s’ once I have arrived in Zanzibar and determined how I can embody the island and it’s culture for you to visually experience and enjoy :-) In addition to monetary donations I am proud to announce that both People’s Herbs, a local Portland … Read More