How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture It increased circulation and decreases inflammation. Regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. Balance hormones, strengthen immune system while supporting life energy. The majority of people who receive acupuncture experience significant change. Everyone shows up with a unique health background and openness for change. Since each treatment is specifically centered to the individual, it has a strong ability to introduce change with symptoms, working from the deeper root level of imbalance to affect the more branch like symptom presentation.

What makes Chinese Herbal supplements different from western supplements?

Chinese herbal-ism is rooted in a balancing approach to address symptoms that arise. The structure of Chinese formulas is setup to provide resolution of symptoms by addressing underlying imbalances. This is done with a combination of herbs, based on their flavors, nature and overall energetic temperatures. Since they are combined together, they act as buffers for one another, ensuring no one herb’s action is too strong within the overall formula.

This provides a gentle, effective way to address underlying root causes of diseases. Chinese herbalists kept meticulous records for what worked best to treat a variety of conditions from physical pain to digestion and hormonal balancing. These records are some of the oldest ‘case studies’ available, some over 3000 years old, proving their effectiveness over time.

I have a complicated health presentation. How could acupuncture and Chinese herbs help me?

Combining acupuncture and Chinese herbs together provides a way to make physical, mental and emotional shifts. Established western medial institutions such as John Hopkins university UCLA and even Harvard, all recognize that these aspects of the human experience all deserve and need to be addressed in order for health to be maintained.