Having had the opportunity to work with a variety of amazing human beings has been a pivotal part of why I love what I do so much. Here are a few reflections patients have shared with me over the years.

  • Since the 1990’s, I have used acupuncture as treatment for different issues: soar muscles, tumors, head aches, etc. and was always very pleased with the positive results and healing outcomes. However, Erika’s treatment style, education, and [Japanese-based approach] opened my mind to a style that fits me better than Chinese acupuncture. I am happy that Erika has moved on to different clinics and strongly recommend patients give her a try, because she is amazing! Miss you already, Erika.

  • Several months ago, I was recommended by my physical therapist to try Acupuncture to see if it could help my pulled hamstring in my right leg.  I was very skeptical since I have never gone to a acupuncturist in my life.  I am 63 years old and have had lots of surgeries from 3 plantar fascia surgery on the same toe, knees from running, torn rotator cuff, and three stomach surgeries.
    The pain I was having in my hamstring was not going away with physical therapy so I had nothing to lose by trying acupuncturist.  I told the physical therapies if Erika could stop my pain in my toe, then maybe she would make a believer out of me.   After three of four sessions, the pain in my hamstring and toe was complete gone.  For the last 20 plus years I had to wear Orthotic inserts to both shoes for running and walking.  After Erika’s treatment I am able to purchase regular shoes without orthotics and now I enjoy hiking and other sport related activates.

    Not only has she helped my pains in my nerves and muscles but also helped my digestive systems reducing my heartburn and stomach issues.
    I would highly recommend Erika Anderson to help in your health and your over all being.
    She is very well versed in Eastern Medicine.Thank you Erika, you made my quality of life much better.
    – RL

  • I truly benefited from your treatments. The time you took helping me really listen to my body and sort out what was going on was very helpful. You are very knowledgeable and willing to work over a period of time to ascertain treatment. I always left our sessions feeling confident that progress was being made. I felt “lighter” in body and spirit. Thank you for that good work.
    – CL

  • Erika’s skill at Japanese acupuncture is an enormous gift to me and my body. She is able to help me release stress and constriction within my body that leaves me walking out feeling
    fabulous and grounded. She has helped me with my shoulder, back and issues of digestion.
    I thoroughly recommend Erika and have even given her sessions as gifts.


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